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The school is situated in Palma. Just a few minutes away from the beach and the centre of Palma.

Glossolalia is 15km from the airport.

From either the airport or the centre of Palma, there are various bus lines which can be used, such as: 1 from the airport, 7 and 29 from Palma centre.

Spanish, English and Russian. All our language coaches teach in their mother tongue and they will address you in your own language.

Yes. We use Superlearning and Suggestopedia, along with other fast learning techniques. See Our methods and What is Suggestopedia? in the epigraph.

The courses are adult orientated, but we do accept children of 12 years and above.

The standard courses are 20 hours a week, from Monday to Friday, 10h to 14h. The Premium Glossolalia courses are 40h a week, from 10h to 18h, Monday to Friday. For individual or paired lessons, we offer 3 day personalized courses, either weekend courses or reduced midweek courses.

Yes, bearing in mind that we teach various languages and each one has 6 levels or more. 

Yes. We organise visits to museums, galleries, shops, markets, restaurants, cinemas and theatres where everything learned will be put into practice.

We offer both possibilities. There will be  a catering service in the school, or we will eat in a restaurant nearby. It depends on the itinerary for the day. In both cases the school pays the expenses.

Yes. We ask to please give us enough notice about any dietary intolerances or special menus. 

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