Good Morning! A new day, and a new lesson.

In Glossolalia every day is planned to feature a new lesson that uses a short story in a dialogue. The plot of the story is repeated throughout the day through active exercises such as role-playing games and memory training. 

Relax in our cinema

Once the content of your lesson for the day has been discussed and developed you head for our cinema classroom and its comfy chairs. Firstly you relax whilst your long term memory is stimulated, then you experience multimedia projections where the words that you have been working on are refreshed and imprinted into your mind. 

¡Que aprovechen! Time for lunch!

You will either eat in at the Glossolalia language training centre or out in a nearby restaurant depending on the schedule for the day. You won’t stop learning through lunch either as we continue to talk and work together. 


Then it’s time to get moving with your coach and their “activation cards”. These cards have the vocabulary that you are working on for the day.  

Market visit, strolling, sight seeing

During our course programme you participate in a variety of excursions during the day (either morning or afternoon). This is when you are encouraged to practically apply your new language skills. 

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