Language courses onsite

If desired, we realize employees language trainings directly in your company. This saves travel expenses and avoids longer periods of absence of your staff.

Language courses for companies

If you want your business to be successful you have to think globally. But are you ready for the linguistic demands of the new world order?
We know that time is money; using our methods you will optimise the learning experience for your team with a guarantee that they will reach set objectives.

We develop a proposed vocabulary and content plan which is adapted to your company’s needs, whatever they may be: airlines, tourism, engineering, hospitals, clinics, commercial offices …  you learn what you need to use in your business.

We offer

  •  Personalised assessment
  •  Personal study plan
  •  Quick and efficient learning with our innovative Superlearning and Suggestopedia methods.
  •  Software which supports the learning and revision of the course curriculum
  •  Highly trained teachers specialised in applying advanced techniques.
  •  Optimisation of study time.
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