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Your success is our goal.

With scientifically proven, modern learning techniques like Superlearning and Suggestopedia, you can learn and speak your chosen language within days.

Language learning made easy.

Our Teachers

Olga Taubkina

Born in Moscow, living on Mallorca for 4 years. Teaches Russian.

Matthew Halverson

Born in London. Moved to Spain at the age of 5. Teaches English.

Milena Marcoccia

Born in Rome. Teaches Italian.

Tatiana Herrero

Born in Asturias, North of Spain. Teaches Spanish.

Irina Kiseleva

Born in St. Petersburg. Living in Spain for 20 years now. Teaches Russian and Spanish.

Jane Halverson

Born in London. Living in Spain for 18 years now. Teaches English.

Blanca Alonso

born and raised in Madrid, living on Mallorca for 7 years. Teaches Spanish.

Dagmar Riefler

Born in the South of Germany. Teaches German.

Our Team

Sandra Schmidt

Managing Director

Tel. +34 699 489 195


Svitlana Marakhonko

Russian Interpreter

Tel. +34 694 427 338

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